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Choosing the Right Medium in Art. What Works Best?

Ok, you are an artist, and you are trying to find the perfect medium for the job. What is the medium needed for the job? What is the right medium in art? I will share my personal experience as I’ve been creating art since I was a child. 

The Early Years

I started creating art when I was five or six. My grandpa had artistic roots, and I always remember him giving me art supplies when I was young to hone my skills. I adopted his oil paints when he passed. I still use those paints to this day! Oil paints can keep forever. When I was a child, I drew anything and everything. Teachers have always told me I excelled at art, and I loved the creativity, even to this day. 

Drawing Roots

Due to my background in drawing and sketching, I used to stick to that medium for most art pieces. Most artists recommend having good drawing and sketching skills first, then branching out once you have those skills down. That is what I did. I find drawing and sketching easy and dislike simplicity. Anything intricate and detailed is my jam. 

I first branched out from drawing and sketching in high school. My art teacher taught me different mediums like paint, charcoal, animation, and sculpture. I would say my favourites were traditional media on paper or canvas. It was similar to drawing and sketching. Emulating images or anything else in my head seemed the easiest on paper or canvas. 

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Choosing the Right Medium in Art

The first thing I like to do is figure out what I want to emulate in an art piece. I find that landscape art works best in watercolour or pencils. They have a subdued quality and make buildings and real-life look sleek.

Obviously, charcoal gives a nice black-and-white look. So you have to choose wisely. Not everything looks good without colour. I enjoy charcoal pencils or graphite for more detailed works that traditional charcoal can’t offer. Those can be character artwork, which I have used many times. They give a pronounced feel that traditional pencils do not provide. 

Choosing between paint mediums is based on personal preference. For more detailed work, I always go with watercolour. I find it the most similar to drawing in a sense. The brushstroke is almost like drawing. Acrylic I will use more for works that require blending. Oil paint gives artworks a more thick feel to the subject matter. That is how I decide between the two. 

Lastly, ink and standard pencils are my go-to for whipping up something quick. The ink medium is best used for characters, cartoons, and comics. The process is quick, and felts give it texture and pop out of the page. Choosing the medium is totally up to you, but those are some rules I go by. The choice is yours. Happy creating!